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13 Women Bracelets and What do they Symbolize

In this modern era, bracelets have become an essential part of every kind of lifestyle. There are a plethora of types of women's bracelets available. However, unlike ancient times, where people wore a bracelet with a deep meaning, such as representing a certain relationship or status in society, today's bracelets are mostly worn just for iconic fashion.


Types of women bracelet and what they symbolize

Bracelet preferences also change from age to age. Both men and women wear bracelets, but women have unique and diverse types of bracelets, and each of its kind represents some personality traits or other cultural-related meanings and purpose. Read on to get a better understanding of the types of bracelets and what they symbolize.

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are bracelets attached with jeweled pieces. These pieces define certain characteristics or attachments with the wearers. These bracelets have been popular since ancient times. Especially in ancient Egypt, where it symbolizes protection. It is also considered to bring good luck for its owner. Modern charm bracelets gained popularity during the Victorian era. And now today, it is a delicate fashion statement that also represents interest, hobbies.

Silver steel chain bracelet

Petals | Royal Panache - Silver Steel Chain Bracelet With Charms


Beaded Bracelets

For the good luck symbol, this is another kind of bracelet. Different color preference of beads direct to distinct characteristics such as energy, creativity, meditation, prayer, yoga, and for achieving certain purposes. Wooden beads bracelets are also a popular type of bead bracelet that is called luck beads. Due to its versatility and affordability, it’s very popular.

Link and Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets or link bracelets have shiny sterling chains that link together into bans and have a clasp closure. It can be gold, silver, or metal in color. In addition, rose gold chains are also popular nowadays. You can also add charms to the chain. These are round bracelets symbolizing an everlasting love or a strong sense of unity. In addition, chain bracelets are ideal for any occasion as discussed byZerokatta Studio.

Thin link chain bracelet with butterfly charm



Identification Bracelets

Engraved owner's information on a metal plate, linked to different kinds of chains, is the definition of these bracelets. Previously, it was commonly used in hospitals for the identification of patients’ information and alerts. But it has already entered the fashion world as well. Both men and women wore it for fashion by engraving their name, quote, or a statement in a stylish and sophisticated way. Fashion ID bracelets such asCatena Bracelet come in both gold and silver and symbolize personal adornment. It is a piece of jewelry that is speaking without a voice.

18k gold electroplated chain ID link bracelet in hand

Petals | Catena - Chain ID link Bracelet Unisex


Rope Bracelets

Rope Bracelets are an up-and-coming trend recently. You must have seen many celebrities proudly donning rope bracelets, even on red-carpet events. Made up of nylon, leather, or any other durable material, rope or string bracelets are becoming a great hype in vogue. String or rope bracelets often symbolize the simplicity, clear-mindedness, and positive nature. Back in ancient times, rope bracelets were said to bring good luck to the wearer and attract prosperity in many ways. Nowadays, we believe they attract an audience and are great to add a ‘lucky’ touch to your attire and make it look more attractive.  

Nylon rope bracelet with charms on hand



Gemstone Bracelets

Wearing gemstone bracelets commonly represents wearing a birthstone or a birth month. But gemstones have greater meanings other than a birth month. One of the effects of gemstones is healing effects. Also, there are many kinds of beautiful semi-precious stones that you can attach to your bracelet such as the Petals Signature Stone. Some symbolize positive energy and emotional balance, while others represent good luck and protection from evil forces. They are used widely in bracelets rather than rings or necklaces because, in bracelets, multiple gemstones can be combined. Thus, making it more effective for the wearer to attain its natural healing properties. And of course, its aesthetic properties make it possible to easily combine with all kinds of adornment materials like silver, gold, bead, crystal, etc.


Black cord bracelet with CZ stone charm

Petals | Midnight Royal - Black Cord Bracelet With CZ Stone Charm


Friendship Bracelets

Another popular kind of bracelet among this generation is a friendship bracelet. Friendship bracelets are kinds of string bracelets made up of one or two strings. It is worn for showing a relationship to someone. Also, it is popular among teens as they wear it to represent tightening their bond of friendship. In addition, it gives you a sense of belonging to a certain group. Hence, we can say that it is a special kind of bracelet. 

BestFriend Bracelet Black




Leather Cord Bracelet

Leather bracelets are a popular type of bracelets for men and women all across the globe. The natural grittiness and texture of leather give an instant feel of strength, robustness, and urbanity. Leather cord bracelets are becoming very popular in the women’s bracelets category. Simple yet attractive, these cord bracelets often symbolize power and strength, especially if paired with a touch of gold or silver. They could also exude vibes of mystery and rage if embellished. The wearer of these bracelets feel an instant boost of confidence, and positivity within.  

leather cord bracelet gold

Petals | Harvest Gold - Leather Cord Bracelet With Metal Slider

Pearl Bracelets

Women’s all-time favorites are pearls jewelry. It is both eye-catching and pleasing and has a calming soothing vibe. Pearls bracelets symbolize sophistication with decent touch. It gives beauty with brain looks to the wearer. Being one of the purest and harmonic jewelry, it gives a sense of complete satisfaction to one's looks. It is a pure and highly feminine item.

Bracelet pearl gold with charms on blue diary




Bangles are a crucial piece of jewelry both culturally and traditionally in Indian and South Asian countries. It is a must-piece of adornment for brides in Indian culture at the time of marriage as it represents the safety in the relationship. Gold and glass bangles are very common. Because of its rigid round-like shape, it is not very popular around the globe. It is usually made up of hard matters like gold, silver metal, etc. Another variation of these bangles is glass bangles. However, they are very delicate and can break easily.

hammered bangle bracelet




Layered bracelets are modern fashion statements. It is like maintaining each bracelet's identity but keeping wearing them together on one wrist. This is where any bangle can be paired with another different bangle or bracelets to represent or create a unique and stylish look. It makes one stand out from the crowd.

Bohemian Bracelets

Bohemian bracelets are bracelets within your comfort zone. They symbolize relaxed and close-to-nature looks. The bracelets are made up of elements close to nature like seashells, feathers, stones, beads. These bracelets do not have a proper pattern or texture. Rather, they represent a carefree style. You can use almost any natural element to make your bohemian bracelet. 

Wrap Bracelets

The wrap bracelet is an awesome and hot fashion statement. It gives a stack kind look but in a single form, which is why it is much sophisticated and famous among celebrities. Their design materials almost include every kind of adornment item. That means it will suit any kind of fashion trend. They symbolize diverse inspirations.


Sometimes it is very confusing to choose the right kind of bracelets due to its wide diverse collection. So by knowing the meanings behind bracelets, it will be easy to choose and wear these jewelry items for more than just fashion and trends. This article has covered a guide on several popular bracelet designs. We hope that you have enjoyed this article. For more amazing content and stylish articles, stay tuned to PetalsEu, and shop a wide range of trendy petals bracelets and accessories. 

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