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5 Occasions To Wear A Bracelet - For Women

Bracelets are literal arm candy. Of all types of jewelry, bracelets add dazzle and bring out personality like no others. But the biggest question is with so many occasions to wear bracelets, what to wear, when, and where. Picking one bracelet can become daunting, especially when there is such a variety like chains, bangles, cuffs, pearls, and charms, because to us, they are all fair game.


5 occasion to wear bracelet for women

And with the sheer number of styles, you need to consider where you can wear and with what clothing because curating a look with bracelets is, itself, a subtle art. That is why, for maximum effect, it is of great value to diversify your bracelet portfolio in your wardrobe.

That is why, to make it easier for you, we are bringing you an easy-to-use guide on what bracelets are best for which occasions. 

Formal Meetings and Business Engagements

Sports bracelets, loud, chunky, noisy, and colorful bracelets, are a big no-no for formal meetings as this can cause distraction and disturbances. You have to be subtle with your choice. Extravagantly embellished bracelets have no place in formal meetings and settings. Opt for simple, dainty, and elegant designs like metal bead bracelets or tennis bracelets with a single row of diamonds, as they are a must-have for formal meetings. That makes investing in these pieces always a good idea. Diamonds or faux diamond bracelets are perfect for such settings. Neutral colored pearls or plain gold and silver bands look good when worn with business suits. Or, if you love your charms a tad too much, then dainty chains with small charms (not too many) can be your best bet.

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metal bead bracelet with heart charm

Everyday Pieces

One of the most and often worn bracelets is the pieces that are worn day to day, during nine-to-five or errand runs. But that doesn’t mean such pieces are worn without thought or proper style curating. Day-to-day bracelet pieces give you a put-together look, which is effective when you are climbing the career ladder. Thus, your everyday piece should be fashionable and classic and one of a kind that doesn’t get in the way of your work. For a conservative office look, choose a single bangle or daintyLink Chain Bracelet, or even tennis bracelets will be perfect. But if your workspace has a casual atmosphere, then a simple cuff and stylish cuff are all you need. Beaded bracelets are also a fine choice to bring freshness, fun in your personal life, and motivation to your work life.

Weddings and Gatherings

Weddings and special evenings call for a focus on statement look that is as wonderful as the time itself. Stack up a tennis bracelet on one wrist for a classy look or a dangling charm bracelet for your chic look. Depending on your style, you can choose a subtle piece or be a little extra and show off your statement pieces. Onyx or coral beads are also a show-stopper addition to your wedding and gatherings wardrobe. Go for a glamorous cuff with alarge gemstone or wrap-style string of pearls for an ample amount of sophistication. If you are wearing anything silk, velvet or satin then, accessorize your arms with Victorian style and burnished metals for an antique and original look for the evening. And oh! of course, we have not forgotten dainty chains and diamond bracelets for our gals who are all about the subtle yet sophisticated look. 

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Weekend Fun

Shopping time with girls? Concert or laid-back party or dinner? Let your style show by stacking your favorite pieces for added fun flair. But be wary of adding too much variety as it can get messy. Artistic and wide, brass, copper, or gold plated bracelets are trendy with the dress, worn for brunch with friends and family. If it’s fun-filled beach and pool time with friends, then beaded bracelets take the lead while stacking a few chains or bangles can up your look from blah to girls lunch date-worthy even if you are wearing your jeans.Braided Leather Bracelets look uber cool when paired with a wristwatch and boots. Next up is a charm bracelet that you can wear anywhere. It instantly adds a touch of glam and is especially perfect for dinner with family as the charms are all about great memories that commemorate all the good times. 

Movies Or Concerts 

There is no occasion like going out for movies or concerts, that can bring authentic class and fun to your bracelet game. Versatile options like chains and charm bracelets can be paired with any casual outfit and still give powerful sentiment. You can play with the effect of charm bracelets by going for fewer or numerous charms for a dainty or glamorous look.

For a quirky and cute voguish look, twists and piled tennis bracelets are what you need. A classic thin link chain bracelet in silver or gold color with a matching watch brings an air of desired elegance. A statement Swarovski cuff or twisted beads and chain add a pop of color and sparkle while emitting a refined look.

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Bracelets have always been an exceptional part of the wardrobe since ancient times so, adding a variety to your wardrobe for different occasions will hurt no one. The only thing you need to focus on is making the right choice for the right occasions and styling with your attire wisely. Which, we believe, is now easier for you because you have in front of you a specially curated guide. Now go ahead and pull off your exquisite and refined look.

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