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9 Types of Classic Leather Bracelet for Men

Accessories hold the power that can elevate any outfit and a leather bracelet is usually on top of that. A renowned fashion journalist once compared accessories to be like vitamins to fashion. We also know the female accessories markets outweigh that of men. But like anything, jewelry especially, bracelets can be a part of a stylish men’s wardrobe. Bracelets look classic and can also match with any attire style easily. If we were to suggest one way to step up your outfit game and add a dash of style to it, we say add bracelets. A bracelet is worn to emphasize your overall look.

But if you are a man who is unsure of the types of bracelets available in the market for many different occasions or if you are the one who cannot decide on the perfect accessory, then you have arrived on the right domain. Because we will uncover some of the best men’s leather bracelets as they come in many styles, designs, and types. And by the end, you will easily be able to make a sound decision and find the one bracelet that truly speaks to you.

Leather Bracelet Cuff

With width ranging from ½ inch to 3 inches or more, a leather cuff is the best one for pairing up with casual outfits. This thick and rugged, solid or braided style is a classic type that goes great with jeans and Doc Martens. The cuffs can be colored in browns and blacks and fit you like a glove when you select the correct size. This style can have a proper loop and metal fastener or buttons for a secure fit.

Dark Mirage - Thick Leather Braided Cuff Bracelet - Shop Now

Ropes and Strings Cord

Relaxed and trendy with a bit of quirky personal touch, ropes and strings style leather bracelets are perfect adornments in most settings. Some even have beads woven, giving it classic surfer-guy vibes. Not only that but, it also can be customized in varying thicknesses. It is comfortable and easy to wear with an adjustable band and makes up a perfect gift.


Braided leather wrap bracelet black


Multilayer Leather Bracelet Wrap

These kinds of bracelets have a certain appeal to them. Wrap bracelets bring a stylish and cool aura to the persona. These are comfortable to wear and can easily fit any wrist size, small or large. The star of the show in this bracelet is a metal hooking apparatus in silver polish for secure fastening, so you do not need to worry about it becoming undone during activities.

Black Leather bohemian wrap bracelet for men

Midnight Groove - Leather Bohemian wrap bracelet for men


Braided Style

One of the classic leather bracelet types is braided style. It is sleek, attractive, sturdy, and durable. The durability comes from the bolo material used, which makes the bolo leather bracelet durable.  It comes in black on black or black on brown leather woven over itself with an option of engraving and customization. One common example is the Braided Leather Bracelet. It is secured by a matte stainless steel clasp, thus, making fastening and unfastening hassle-free. For contrast, clasp variations in black rose gold and such are also available.

Braided leather cord bracelet for men

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Vintage Style Leather Bracelet

Are you fond of old classic accessories? Then a vintage leather bracelet will be your perfect choice. Attractive, strong, and good-looking with a classic design, a vintage bracelet is a must-buy to add to your collection. Vintage bracelets come in black, brass, and copper colors with vintage-style hardware in nickel or gold material. And it may also include some classic and old-fashioned elements in the design. Check out this vintage-style bolo leather bracelet with 18k gold electroplated rings. 

Petals | Gold Desire - Men's Black Bolo Leather Bracelet - Shop now 


Belt Leather Bracelet

If you are looking for a classic leather bracelet with a twist of funky style, then a belt leather bracelet is the one for you. It is heavier with a broad design that covers your whole wrist. This style is perfect for those who want more volume and great visibility for flaunting this statement piece. Though it is heavy in looks, it feels comfortable during wear and is easy to buckle up, making it perfect for long-wearing.

leather band bracelet for men

Rebel - Black Leather band bracelet For Men - Shop Now

Single Wrap Bracelet

Sometimes a minimalist and classic leather bracelet is the key to accessorizing rightly. And if you are someone who doesn't like anything too flashy then single wrap bracelets are the minimalist good you need. Simple and tough-looking with secure fitting made possible with an attractive silver button, a simple wrap leather bracelet goes with anything you wear. It gives a nice pop of color and can be customized too, like the addition of a monogram.

Single wrap leather bracelet for men

Umbra - Double Layered Leather Wrap Around Bracelet - Shop Now


Anchor Half-Cuff

Someone who likes a unique look with functionality will find this style suitable. Thin and singular colored with slim profiling gives it a professional look, while three to four times wrapping around the wrist gives it a comfortable fitting. The nature of the bracelet makes it extremely easy to wear. Additionally, a unique anchor-shaped hook looped through the opposite end is available for a secure fit. And this makes it a statement piece whenever paired with anything.

Gemstones Leather Bracelet

A unique one with a touch of shine is what you need for your boho personality. With colorful gemstones studded between the layers of a bracelet, a multilayer gemstone leather bracelet can be worn by any age group giving the owner a charming look. The great thing about these bracelets is that you can customize them by adding your birthstone gems, thus making them personal. 

leather band bracelet with gemstone

Petals | Street Guy - Leather Band Bracelet With Gemstone - Shop Now 

Final Thoughts: 

In drawing to a close, the best leather bracelet is the one that is like a good accent and should complement your outfit instead of overpowering it. It adds a touch of personality to your outfit. If you are looking for some great ideal piece, then look no further than Petals. Petals men bracelet collection is one of the finest series of men's fashion articles which promises to add a touch of elegance and urbanity to your overall look. Don't stop, Go Shop 

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