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What is the Difference Between Bangles, Bracelets and Wristbands?

Bangles or Bracelets? Or a wristband? We often get confused among these three wristlets. Read this blog to find out the difference between these three ornaments. 

From shaking hands for introduction to waving at someone; our hands and wrists play an important part in how we communicate. On a daily basis, we use our wrists and hands for many tasks like making gestures, reaching out at things, and communicating with others. Acting as a blank canvas, our hands can help us to express our personalities, and therefore it needs to look perfect.

Men and women use many ornaments to adorn their wrists including fancy watches, bracelets, and bangles; fancy trinkets that don’t only prettify your wrist but also add finesse and sophistication to your style by completing your look.

At Petals we create a high-quality collection of bracelets and bangles, specially designed to complement your style and grace. From delicate charm bangles to rustic leather bracelets; you can have everything to match your flair.

Bracelets, bangles, and wristbands are all types of wrist accessories which are deeply loved by men and women equally, still, the one thing which most of us find confusing is the ‘difference’ between them.

Most of us call fancy bangles ‘a bracelet’ or cuff bracelets by wristbands. Don’t you think that along with the love, we also need to keep information about our favorite accessories? Sure, we do. Let’s come with us to know the difference between bangles, bracelets, and wristbands.

Understand the Difference:


Bangles are a very famous piece of wrist jewelry which is around for thousands of years. Back in time, People used to wear thick solid rings of different metals in their wrists and arms. This was the beginning of bangles. Nowadays, bangles come in different metals and materials including silver, glass, gold, and stainless-steel bangles. However, the only difference which creates dissimilarity between them and other wrist accessories is their shape. Bangles come in one strong shape. Most bangles feature a round shape, but they can appear in different shapes as well like oval, square, and hexagon.

stainless steel golden bangle

Because of their strong shape, bangles sizes are not adjustable. They may come in different standard wrist sizes, but you simply can’t ‘adjust’ a smaller size to fit in a large wrist. They just don’t offer that. However, some bangle bracelets do features an open cuff to slide inside the wrist easily.


Like bangles, bracelets can be found in the chronicles of history as well. The shreds of evidence indicate the existence of bracelets to be 7,000 years old. It is said that people wore the bracelet in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China. Early bracelets used to be made up of grass, tree limbs, and shells. Then time changes and metals like bronze and copper took their place in this oldest fashion trend. Nowadays gold, silver, and stainless-steel bracelets are a huge hit among every age and gender.


white pearl bracelet with heart charm


Unlike bangles, bracelets can be pretty flexible and adjustable. From strong cuffs to supple bands, the bracelet features many styles and flairs. Some bracelets even come with open ends, or extensions to set perfectly on every wrist. A popular type of bracelets is cuff bracelets, chain bracelets, and leather bracelets. 

Wrist Bands:  

A more casual type of wrist accessory, wrist bands are popular amongst kids, teenagers, and sportspeople. Colorful wristbands are generally made up of nylon, silicone or other soft material to ensure durability with comfort. Sport Wristbands are usually worn by sportsmen and athletes to absorb and prevent sweat from running onto their hands.

Sweat on the hands can decrease grip which can create a huge setback for athletes, tennis players. Apart from being worn at grounds, gyms, and training, wristbands also look cool at purely casual and hip events like camping, college parties, etc.

Another type of wristband is the medical alert bands which are used to mention your medical health, and in case of any emergency, your attendants could get help from it. Almost all medical bands carry a medical alert logo and can be customized with your condition, address, and other useful information about you.

Choose According to Your Wrist/Style

Either bracelets, bangles, or wristbands; every article has its importance and unique style. Most of the time, we watch bracelets online and fall for them. The bling and style of the article inspire our eyes, and we order it right away without even thinking about what it would look like on us or our wrist. That’s wrong. Every time before ordering a trinket, the important thing is to know what type of accessory your wrist/style demands. Every style, occasion, and time asks for a different type of adornment and we need to follow it. Now the question arises, how to choose the right accessory for your wrist/style?


hand wearing white pearl bracelet

Elegant: If you follow a sophisticated and elegant dressing way, and need something to wear to formal events like official meetings or weddings, then men’s stainless-steel bracelets are an ideal choice. Stainless steel bracelets are versatile and match formal wear very elegantly. So next time when you have a formal event in your bucket, you know what you want to order


Sporty: People with an athlete lifestyle tend to be very choosy and particular about the accessories they wear. They can’t wear articles that can cause irritation or distraction with their training like over-embellished bracelets, or leather bands as they can suffer wear and tear due to sweat and heavy training. Sports wristbands are an ideal choice for those with sporty styles. They provide convenience with a flair. You can also go for a stainless-steel chain bracelet, as they do not corrode underwater/sweat, or cause skin allergy. Can be ideal for sports people or people with a sporty style.

Trendy: If you appear to be a trendsetter, then you must look forward to keeping your style different from others. You must be trying to follow every new trend and keep your style unique. Have you ever tried customized stainless-steel bracelets with a plain t-shirt, or with formal suiting? If you think it’s a silly combo then you need to try it. 

Customized bracelets have been introduced to the vogue many years back, but this article keeps on coming in every age and era in different styles and features. Nowadays, many stores customize bracelets online according to your choice. Either engrave a quote or adorn them with your initials, you will surely stand out. Trendsetters, this is so for you.

Minimalist: If you are amongst those who like simplicity, yet perfection in their lifestyle then you are Minimalist. Minimalist fashion is defined by one simple mantra “Keep it simple”. The minimalist fashion lovers tend to like a small selection of colors, predefined shapes, and less glitz and blitz. In short, simplicity is the key to pinpointing this style. The minimalists can’t hold over-embellished jewelry, like with extra tussles, stones, etc. For that, the ideal type of wrist jewelry is stain-steel bangles. They are easy to wear and look super trendy with almost every outfit. One thick stainless-steel bangle, or maybe a simple cuff bracelet is all you need to improve your ‘wristyle'.

Casual: Most people like me prefer accessories that are easy to use, comfortable, and provide flexibility for everyday wear. I don’t prefer heavy articles because I can’t afford to let them bite me all day, get stuck in things or slip. If you are also a person who wants something for everyday use then leather bracelets, or beaded bracelets can be your ideal choice. They provide a strong and easy grip, don’t sting, and can perfectly handle everyday use.

Explore from Our Wide Range of Bangles and Bracelets

Either bracelets, bangles, or wristbands; adding new pieces of jewelry to your collection is an exciting thing. Nowadays, there are many quality bracelets stores online, that provide hassle-free shopping to customers. Petals are one of the finest personalized gifts and jewelry stores in Saudi Arabia, which assures you quality, elegance, and trust. Our wide and exciting range of bracelets, bangles, and other types of jewel accessories will surely win your heart at the first glance. Check them out here.

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