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Bracelet Sizing Guide - How To Find A Perfect Bracelet Size Every time

Finding a bracelet online that fits your wrist perfectly is a tough job, but not anymore. check out this bracelet sizing guide to order perfect fitting bracelets every time. 

How many times have you quickly tighten a bracelet with safety pins, messily looped through holes? Perhaps, the only way to tighten a bracelet but it ruins the look. The desire to wear jewelry that fits perfectly is every man and woman’s dream. 

Wrist sizing is not a common practice. We often walk-in shops or select a random size that we think would work close to being perfect. We tend to get lazy and don't bother with the hassle of measuring. Although, if measured correctly once, the size could ensure the wristlet gives you the classy look it is supposed to. 


Bracelets for men and women  come in various sizes that we often purchase by just guessing the size. However, wearing your exact size can be the key to ensuring it’s not too tight or not to lose. Imagine your favorite Swarovski bracelet sliding off your wrist unknowingly in a public place; not a good feeling once you reach home to realize you have lost a piece close to your heart. 

When it comes to buying a bracelet that is not size adjustable, it would be wise to measure your wrist size so you can purchase something comfortable. A bracelet will only dangle on your wrist with elegance if it fits perfectly in the right spot. 

Snug or loose is a choice that is different for each individual. Therefore, keeping in mind your preferences and your size, chose a bracelet that sits perfectly. Keep in mind, too tight, and your wrist might be gasping for some air. Too loose and you might find your bracelet landing in the lost and found. This bracelet sizing guide would help you in choosing a perfect bracelet every time. 


hand wearing bracelet with golden clasp

More importantly, when picking bracelets as a gift, keep in mind the gender and the physique of the receiver. Even if you know the exact size, men's and women's sizes are different so keep an eye out for the reference chart when purchasing a bangle or a bracelet for men and women. The sizing worries do disappear when brands offer you options that are size adjustable. It’s a relief indeed!

Now, measuring your wrist size only takes a minute. There are 2 ways to measure your bracelet and bangle size.

Here’s what you need:

  • A strip of paper
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Pen

Method 1 For Bracelets – Measuring the wrist:

  1. Wrap the strip of paper just below your wrist or where you usually wear your bracelets. 
  2. Mark with a pen the point where two ends join. 
  3. Measure up until that point on a ruler.
  4. Use the chart below to determine your size.


measuring tape wrapped around wrist
  1. Find a bracelet that is an ideal fit.  Stainless steel bracelets are recommended for the measurement 
  2. Measure the bracelet from clasp to the end against a ruler.  
  3. Use the chart below to determine your size and compare it against what you have as an ideal fit. 
Bracelet Sizing Chart:

Women Bracelet Size

Standard Women’s Size

Wrist size (cm) Inner circumference

Wrist Size (inches) Inner circumference

Size Description

Extra Small (XS)

15 cm – 16 cm

5.9 – 6.3

For very delicate wrists like ‘tweens’ 9-13 years old 

Small – 17 cm

6.5 – 6.7

Fits small wrist perfectly


17 cm – 18 cm

6.7 – 7.1

Standard size


18 cm – 18.5 cm

7.1 – 7.3

For a firmer women’s wrist

Extra Large

19 cm


For a flabby wrist


Men’s Bracelet Size:

Standard Men’s Size

Wrist size (cm)Inner circumference

Wrist Size (inches) Inner circumference

Size Description


18 cm – 18.5 cm

7.1 – 7.3

For skinny wrists


19 cm

7.5 inches

Standard size man’s wrist

Extra Large

19.5 – 20 cm

7.7 – 7.9

For a firmer man’s wrist


19.5 – 20 cm

8.1 – 8.7

For a very large wrist

Method 1 For Bangles – Measuring the wrist:

  1. Close your hand together in a way that you slide on a bangle. Ideally, the thumb should meet the index finger. 
  2. Use the strip of paper to wrap it around your hand’s widest point.
  3. Mark where the two ends join with a pen
  4. Measure the marked point against a ruler and use the chart below to determine your size. 

Method 2 For Bracelets – Using a bangle:

  1. Find a bangle that is an ideal fit. 
  2. Using a ruler, carefully measure the diameter of the circle.  
  3. Compare diameter to chart below and determine your size.

Bangle Sizing Chart

Diameter MM

Diameter Inches

Circumference MM

Circumference Inches

Order Bangle Size

Recommend For

60.3 MM

6.01 CM

189.5 MM

18.95 CM


Women Small

66.7 MM

6.65 CM

209.3 MM

20.95 CM


Women Medium

69.9 MM

6.98 IN

219.5 MM

21.59 CM


Women X Large Mens Medium

Final Thoughts: 

While sizing may seem a long, tedious task, it can be very beneficial in the long run. Honestly, it's a one time task. Although different brands have different sizing charts, it's preferable to pick the size that is a size up but closest to your wrist size. 

A slightly loose bracelet is better than one that is suffocating your wrist. 

Hopefully, with this blog, you would now be able to choose a perfect sizing bracelet for yourself or your loved ones. 

Now to test your newly learned skills right away, we would recommend you to check out our new and latest collection of trendy and stylish  bracelets for women  and men.

Either you are looking for gorgeous  stainless steel bracelets for women, or cool and eye-catching  leather bracelets for men,  Petals have got you all covered. With the help of this blog and our huge exciting range of exquisite bracelets, you would be able to get the perfect fitting wrist piece, every time. 

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