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Why Friendship Bracelets Are Meaningful –Fun Facts To Know

Friendship bracelets have been in the trend for a long time, but what do these fancy wristlets actually mean? What secret messages do they give? Learn some amazing facts and know the true friendship bracelet meaning hidden in the drapes of history. 

Do you have any Best Friends? Then you must know what a precious treasure you have earned! Having a true, and real friend is indeed a blessing. To have someone who understands your feelings, and sticks with you even when the whole world walks out is nothing but a beatitude.

Friendship can be found anywhere, but most of the time it is found in the most unexpected places. You can find it in your sister who saves you from your mother’s scold. Or in that sweet girl from your neighborhood, who bakes cupcakes for you, or even in your seatmate who offers you her pen every time you lose one. All these kind little gestures mean a lot in this world full of meanness and self-love.

As a token of gratification for their kind gestures, we often present our BFF, friends, and mates with fancy braided bands called Friendship Bracelets or bracelets for friends

But, do you know that the colorful bands you wear have a more vibrant and colorful history? They not only look good but also have a very special meaning to them. In this blog, we will tell you some exciting facts about your favorite Best Friends Bracelets, and let you know how meaningful they really are!

So, let’s begin

History of Bracelets for Friends – When the Friend- SHIP Sailed 

The history of friendship bands or bracelets is believed to be ancient and can be traced back to the year 221 B.C in China. That makes 2,241 years ago, isn’t that incredible?

Its resurgence began in the year 1960 when a country went through a radical change and was notorious because of its involvement in violence and war. With war on the brain, the national rapport of that country was far from being pleasant. When an anti-war movement by youngsters began, they introduced these colorful braided bands. (No war but peace - beautiful and ultimate meaning of friendship bracelets) 

People begin to give these bands to each other as a token of peace and love and during that ritual, these friendship bracelets become a trend!

Initially, they were originally solely made by tying knots with embroidery floss or yarn to intricate different patterns. Nowadays, they are being made using threads with jewels and charms to make them more fancy and magnificent.

Fun Fact: The friendship bracelets we use today can be traced back to South American Indians. 

Best Friend Bracelets – Epitome of Everlasting Bond

We all love friendship bands, don’t we? The single or multi-colored braided bracelets weaved painstakingly in different patterns are something that grabs attention and makes a person feel loved and special. But do you know that despite looking amazing and awe-inspiring, these best friend bracelets symbolize a secret message; a message of everlasting bond and fondness.

Friendship bands are often homemade and signify one’s true care and devotion towards another person. These bands are often worn in pairs (amongst giver and receiver), as it symbolizes the bond and connection of two people. These bracelets are also popular as teenager gifts for girls, as teen-girls love to celebrate their new friendship bonds with their friends.

Entwined Love – The Patterns of Friendship Bracelets:

Made with fabrics and different materials, trendy friendship bracelets feature a braided pattern that not only looks amazing but exhibits the effort that you put in for your friends. However, nowadays you can get these beautiful and trendy Best Friend bracelets readymade from some big stores as well. Few friendship bracelets patterns which are popular in the teens are:

  • Aztec Pattern
  • Candy Pattern
  • Chevron Pattern
  • Diamond Pattern
  • Double Chevron Pattern
  • Fishtail Pattern

While colors and patterns may vary, they generally have an artisanal look to them as they’re most often handmade. You can also buddy-up with your friend and make this beautiful bracelet together to spend more quality time together. However, the fun thing about each of these patterns is that you can pick and choose what color scheme you like best.

Fun Fact: Each color has its own meaning when used in a friendship bracelet. You can check the meaning of the friendship bracelet colors below and use the one that symbolizes your secret message or feelings toward your besties:


Friendship Bracelet Color Meanings: 

      Red – Love, Fire, Joy, Energy

      Orange – pacifism, fire, energy, fun

      Yellow – Sunshine, hope, beauty, jealousy, summer, money

      Green – Youth, nature, harmony, good luck

      Light Blue – Friendship, tranquility, calmness, water & sky

      Dark Blue – Eternity, Purity, Shyness,

      Violet – dreams, wisdom, mystics

      Pink – Love, energy, tenderness, attachment, dreaminess

      Red + Yellow – crazy love.

      Red + Green – love nature.

      Red + White – free love.

      Yellow + Green – Nature, peace.

      Grey - Peace, miracles

      Light Blue + White - harmony, inner light.

      Pink + White - changeability.

      Black – Mystery

      Yellow + Green + Red – Playfulness

      Green + Yellow + Light Blue - nature, woods, pacifism, harmony, brotherhood.

      Blue + White + Black - hope.

      White + Red + Black - life circle (birth-life-death)

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Friend’s Tale – Myths about Bracelets for Friends:

Myths surround almost every popular thing – and to be honest, it gives that specific thing a pretty good attraction. For example, there is a popular myth that says the earth is flat (Ironically many people around the ‘globe’ claim this).

Another popular myth claims that wishing upon an eyelash and blowing make your wish come true. (I’m sure many people still try this one) However, These are just hearsays and frantically they have no connection to reality but still, they make a pretty good story.

Similarly, the myth regarding Friendship bracelets is also very interesting. Legend says that these colorful wristlets are not ordinary bands, they have significance, and one should wear it with respect. 

It is said that the friendship band must only be given to a friend who has a wish. They then wear the bracelet until it’s worn out and falls off, at which point the wish is said to come true. Now I don’t know how true that is, but it’s really fun to read, and maybe you can try it someday as well.

Fun Fact: Another tradition suggests that if you get a friendship bracelet, you need to wear it until it falls off naturally, to honor the hard work your friend put into making it, or an evil eye will be cast on your bond.

Alternate Friendship Bracelets Style – Be Creative with Ties

So far, we know that braided and embroidered bracelets are the most popular type of friendship band. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other styles out there! The amazing thing about this personalized tradition is that you can choose any accessory, buy a pair and call it a Best Friend Gift. 

For example, if you want to give this tradition a modern touch, you can take two matching stainless steel bracelets and have them engraved with your initials. Or, you can get bracelets embedded with your birthstones. There are countless options out there, all you need is to be creative and imaginative with your best friend’s gift and you will get just the right thing as memorabilia for your mates.

Fun Fact: Back in time friendship bracelets were made using whatever tools were available, such as attaching a string to the floor or having one person hold one end while the other person weaves and creates the bracelet.

Final Thoughts: 

Friendship bracelets are not only bands; they are made up of threads of love, and trust and entwined with sole affection and care. No matter what design you have, no matter what colors you choose, one thing remains the same – the amount of love you put into making or buying that.

Now we are sure that after reading this blog you must be craving for a cool, colorful friendship band for your Besties, and has the solution for all your gifting needs. Check out our wide range of beautiful and personalized bracelets, and we assure you to add the same amount of love into your bracelets as you would have!

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