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How to Design A Bracelet for Different Occasions at Petals

Bracelets are simple and effective pieces of jewelry that come in both statement and basic style. Not only that, you can wear it with any form of outfit for any occasion, be it formal or casual. But finding the best fit and picking the right one for a particular event can be a daunting task. That is why, when investing in bracelets for yourself, choosing the right place or shop from where you can get all kinds of bracelets for all of the occasions is way more important than you think. 


Therefore, we are bringing you to a one-stop to shop all your bracelets under one roof. We introduce you to Petals - an online fashion boutique that has a wide variety of extremely beautiful bracelets, and we are going to help you choose and design a bracelet for different occasions at Petals.

Unique, trendy and luxurious are the main elements that bring out the authentic charms of bracelets at Petals. Plus, a great point is you can get most of them customized to add a touch of your personality to the bracelets. Here are some of the ways you can design a bracelet at Petals for different occasions. 

Everyday Wear

  • Fantasy - Hammered Bangle Bracelet
  • Whether your office attire is a full suit and heels or a casual piece for everyday wear, you’ll need an arm candy that looks stylish as well as classic. Usually, work and other conservative environments require wearing subtle ones, while in some casual work environments, a simple yet stylish statement piece is a perfect choice. The best bracelet to up your style game with is Petals Fantasy. 

    This opulent stainless Steel piece is easy to carry with a durable, sleek finish and can go with any attire and comes in 2 beautiful colors: silver and rose-gold. A gleaming look that is bound to add an extra appeal. 

    How to Design? 

    You can customize this elegant piece by adding alluring CZ stone or letter charms to your bracelet to enhance its beauty, and also add your personal feel to it.



  • Catena - Chain ID Link Bracelet 
  • Another magnificent bracelet that is an ideal choice for everyday wear isCatena – Chain ID link Bracelet. An evergreen design for those who love bands and chains, this piece comes in silver and gold colors. It is an everlasting,  durable, shiny, sturdy bracelet. It is also customizable for a personal touch, and the best part? It’s a unisex design. 

    How to Design? 

    Catena is a bracelet that already has a special gleam to it, so you won’t need to worry about designing it. You can simply wear it, or if you want to add your special touch to it, you can get it engraved under your name or initials. 

    Casual Wear

    Casual weekends call for putting on all the cute and fun accessories, including bracelets. Get creative and add personality to your look. They say keep your friends close, but we say keep your best friends closer by donningAmity – Best Friend Bracelet with her when it’s just you and your best friend. 

    This beautiful infinity black braided style bracelet is a perfect manifesto of your bond. The material of this bracelet is an organic cotton rope. This bracelet is comfortable, trendy, and effortlessly chic, and it is also customizable! 

    Best Friend Braided Bracelet

    How To Design? 

    Petals Amity is a specially designed bracelet to celebrate the beautiful bond of Friendship. To use it as a friendship bracelet, order a pair of two, and customize it with elegant letter charms. It features a beautiful gold-plated medallion with a cute message, so you can also wear it casually just the way it is. 


  • Heart Hugs - Open End Bracelet 
  • Other great bracelet additions to your casual weekend wardrobe areHeart Hugs – Open End Bracelet. Heart Hugs is a sleek, trendy open-ended bracelet with a meticulous finish that is easy to wear and comes in beautiful silver and gold colors. 

    This bracelet has a mesmerizing design, and stunning two heart charms at both ends will capture anyone’s heart. 


    How to Design?
    There are many ways in which you can design this beautiful gold-plated statement. If you like your bracelets to complement your dress, you can go for exclusive Petals Stones Charms. Made with opulent Cubic Zirconia Stones, these charms come in many colors to go with all types of attires. Also, to add a personal touch, you can simply order a letter charm or wear it as it is with exquisite Petals charm that comes as default. 


  • Harvest Gold - Leather Cord Bracelet 
  • If you want something exclusive and unique to go with your casual outfit then the Harvest Gold leather cord bracelet is a decent and classy bracelet with edgier accents. The amalgamation of leather and gold plated slider gives it a witty and fashionable look making it perfect for people who have unique styles.

    How To Design?

    Due to its unique and rare design, this leather cord bracelet doesn’t need any extra finishing. However, you can always go for some Petals signature stone charms to add more opulence to its overall look. 

    Special Occasions

  • Silver Chalice - Rope Bracelet 
  • Special occasions call for opulent jewels- and designing one of the Petals bracelets is all you need to shine through the event. So, get your hands on the unique, gorgeous, and luxurious pieces from Petals to make a statement that will leave everyone dazzled. If you want to flaunt your personal and unique style, theSilver Chalice is the beauty you need. It is comfortable and has perfect wrist fitting with an extension chain making it an ideal piece. It has a charm and feminine look that is bound to impress anyone over dinner or in a dazzling reception evening. 

    How to Design?

    Silver Chalice is one of our best-sellers. Its unique luxe design and dapper CZ charm are what make it the chart-topper on every occasion. Even though you don’t need to add anything to it, an elegant Petals charm would look exceptionally beautiful with this snappy piece. 


  • Pearl Bush - Pearl & Gold Bracelet 
  • Do you love pearls and charms? Then Pearl Bush is a perfect statement for you. The phenomenal gold charms paired with pure white pearls give this piece a magnificent glow and will leave the crowd enthralled with this beauty. It is also adjustable and has an evergreen design so, adding this bracelet to your wardrobe is a must. 

    How To Design?

    Made with high-quality costume pearls, Petals Pearl Bush is something you can wear with every trendy attire. From long, designer maxis to stylish robes - the soft gleam of pearls will shine bright. It already comes with a cute lock heart charm, so if you want to add something special, we would suggest Petals Charm as they both work great together. You can also add some CZ stone charms to match this elegant wrist piece to your dressing. 

  • Deluge - Nylon Rope and Steel Bracelet 
  • if you prefer a simple, chic design, then a very rare, long-lasting, and luxe Petals Deluge can be your ideal bracelet. Adjustable sizing and exceptional quality with a look that is stunning yet decent, these qualities make it a worthy investment to your jewel collection. Made meticulously with rope and stainless steel, this bracelet is sure to give your personality a much-needed oomph of style. 

    How to Design? 

    Deluge is so far our best seller and show-stopper at Petals. Its unique style, color, and finesse grab attention at the first glance. Also, it comes with two elegant charms that make them a super classic affair to wear. We would suggest wearing it as it is or throwing in a letter charm for a little personal touch. 

    Nylon rope bracelet

    Design Your Bracelet Now 

    Petals is a luxury online boutique specialized in premium designer jewelry, casual apparel collection, and gift items. These are just a few of the best from our store. Visit our website to experience an unmatched collection of elegant and fashionable bracelets and jewelry that you can design according to your choice. 

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