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Leather Vibes - 7 Most Attractive Colors of Leather Bracelets

From Brown Braided Bracelets to Burgundy Cuff Bands; Check What These Inspiring Leather Colors Say and How They Look Great With Different Leather Wristlets. 

They say ‘Color speaks louder than words’ and I truly believe it. Color does speak louder and they have the power to directly influence the soul. Each color represents a different vibe, a different aura. Red evinces passion and fire, whereas blue is as calm as the ocean’s water. Hence every color has its own language and expression. But when it comes to leather, every color narrates a different story.

From brown leather bracelets to red leather bags, this versatile fabric is trending hot amongst all genders and age groups. Due to its grainy texture and alluring musk, leather accessories seem to connect you with the Earth, and each of its fascinating colors endorses this connection very well. Green indicates nature, while saddle tan takes you to the warm yet entrancing deserts of Saudia Arab. 

colorful leather bracelets

Not only this, but every color also illustrates some peculiar traits of its wearer.

Here, we have brought together some of the most attractive colors of leather bracelets. In this blog, we will show you how these beautiful hues speak a thousand words and how they create a magical impact on your personality.

So are you ready?

Then let’s begin!

Jet Black – The Dark Knight 

Power, mystery, glamour  

They say Black is not a color, it’s a lifestyle, and I second that.  Owning the title of the darkest color due to its total absorption of light is none other than Jet Black. It is the darkest shade of black. Like other black hues, jet black is elegant and timeless.

Strong and powerful, Jet is often associated with sophistication, mystery, and night. The user of this color often tends to be secretive, mysterious, and genius.


jet black leather bracelet with gold plated bar


When it comes to leather, jet black has its own fan following. Either you are wearing a leather blazer or a black leather watch, this glamorous color of leather bracelet promises you to be noticed. In short, every leather accessory looks intriguing and attractive in Jet Black. Especially the braided leather bracelets in this hue emits a different kind of energy and makes you stand out in public. 

Hot Burgundy – The Wild Spirit 

Excitement, Vitality, Uniqueness 

Like its name, hot burgundy is a hot trending color in the market for leather accessories. It is one of the most sophisticated colors on the list so far, and its impact is truly magical. The color of intensity and individuality, Burgundy increases energy levels,and encourages positivity. 

The user of this color feels a boost of confidence, uniqueness, and vitality within. As its name suggests, it’s a warm color and works best in winter evenings or cold night-outs.

Leather Belts, Jackets, and Hoods are some of the accessories that look awe-inspiring in hot burgundy color. But above all, leather cuff bracelets seem enthralling in this vibrant color. Indeed, hot burgandy is the hottest color of leather bracelet.

Emerald Green – The Royal Affair 

Freshness, luck, and courage

Talking about Emerald, the first thing that comes to our minds is an exquisite piece of jewelry, embedded with precious green-hued stones. Let me tell you, the emerald green color is no different. Due to its long history and link to the precious gemstone, this classic color gives you the vibes of wealth and royalty.

Green color has a strong association with nature, hence this mesmerizing color evinces the qualities of freshness and renewal. The user of this color senses the connotations of self-worth, tranquility, and peace. In some regions like Ireland, the Emerald color is considered the luckiest color in town. 

The leather accessories in this hue look utterly fascinating. If you are a leather lover and want to get something in emerald green, we would suggest you go for a classic leather watch, or a fancy leather bag or wallet. If you are a western jewelry lover, then emerald green leather braided bracelets are also an amazing accessory to wear with a pair of decent outfits.This leather bracelet color is sure to mesmerize everyone around you. 

Crimson Red – The Burning Embers 

Energy, Passion, Love 

When in doubt, wear red – the single most amazing dynamic and passionate color, Crimson emits the vibes of extremity, energy, and love. It’s an emotionally intense color that demands attention like no other color of the spectrum. Crimson has a great impact on personality as well. Those who desire this color are often passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic in everything they do!


Crimson colored leather accessories are a huge hit in the vogue. When the grainy textures of leather mixed with the vibrance of crimson, your fashion accouterment looks nothing but enthralling.

Leather adornments that look amazing in these colors are jackets, hats, and boots. And for bracelets, I think this color for leather bracelet would look glamourous either plain or mixed with other colors, what do you suggest?

crimson red and yellow leather bracelet with gold bar

Chocolate Brown – The Smoky Beans 

Boldness, Wisdom, Confidence 

You are not an imaginative person at all if you read about chocolate brown and a huge tempting bar of chocolate doesn’t sway in front of your eyes. Chocolate brown is a color of wisdom and stability. It’s a natural hue that represents nature and can be found in your surroundings. From roasted coffee beans to old tree barks, this color looks tempting in every form.

The wearer of this color experiences a boost of boldness, energy, and self-confidence. When this color mingles with leather accessories, trust us when we say, it gives the same vibes and looks enticing beyond words. 

Chocolate brown  leather accessories  are more admired amongst leather lovers than any other color. Perfect for the chilly winter season, leather jackets, boots, and belts are some of the accessories that look captivating in this color and gives you a warm feeling. 

And as we believe, leather bracelets look tantalizing in all of these colors so maybe yes, you can try a brown wrist band as well with all these accouterments to complete your winter look.  


Bright Orange – The Marigold 

Playfulness, warmth, ambition

The happiest color on the palette, Orange is trending top on the charts nowadays. This color is often associated with the autumn season and hence the best time to wear it is winter. However, you can wear it any time throughout the year and enjoy its ardent vibes. 

Bright orange represents playfulness, warmth, and ambition. This vibrant hue often encourages optimism and courage in you and makes you believe in yourself a bit more. 

Bright Orange leather stuff looks extremely phenomenal. Its vibrant and gleaming shine gives your accessories a funky playful look. The recommended accessories in this color are leather phone cases, handbags, and jackets. 

Because of its fun, playful traits, an orange leather bracelet can also serve as the best cheer up gifts for your loved ones. 

Navy Blue – The Cool Mystery 

Elegance, sophistication, Charm

What is the first thing that comes to your mind looking at the Navy blue color? I always imagine a dark blue ocean and space. Don’t know why but this color always appears to me as queer and puzzling. It has this mystifying charm that makes this cool hue stand out in the color palette.  

Navy blue color represents elegance, sophistication, and peace. It also signifies sensitivity and Loyalty. If you are a frequent user of this color, then you must be an empath and a lovely soul.  

navy blue braided leather bracelet for men


Like its traits, navy blue leather accessories are also deemed elegant and charming.

Wear navy blue shoes or a leather jacket of this color and tell us if you weren’t the prominent one at the party. Moreover, If you want this color to be added to your unique style a bit more, then a blue plain or braided leather bracelets is what you need to take your style game-high. 

Final Thoughts:

Those were some of the most attractive leather colors and their meanings, but the best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you. Choose your colored leather accessories wisely and let this amazing fabric define yourself via your style.

Now you know how these colors add value to your flair, then all you need is your next wristlet in your favorite color to exhibit your charm and aura in the right way. At Petals, we are offering you a wide and colorful range of leather bracelets so that you can choose different hues according to your style and mood, so check it out here only at Petals.

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