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Creating a Fusion of Western and Eastern Styles with Scarves


A very versatile accessory that all fashionistas love is scarves. Scarves are trendy and look beautiful. We can effectively create the fusion of western and eastern styles with scarves because of their functionality and practicality. There are many benefits of this particular hair accessory. Now that there is so much availability of designs, fabrics, and styles, you can wear scarves everywhere. And the best part? Anyone can look great in it. And with just one scarf, you can achieve so many different looks like eastern styles and western styles, no matter if they are super simple or intricate and detailed.


Although you need to carefully select whichever scarf you can use and which you need. Whichever look you are aiming for or going for, we are gearing you up for some creative ways to create a fusion of styles with scarves. But first, you need to choose the right scarf for you. For example, square scarves are the easiest to work with, and you can style them with many hairdos. However, rectangular scarves are practical for a full head wrap. Now that you have chosen one: let’s create some fusion styles.

Braid Scarf 

Braids and scarves are best friends. Braid scarves are slightly longer and narrower, and another eastern style-inspired scarves style. These scarves look not only chic, pretty but also fabulous when weaved through the simple braid or even fishtail braid. Or you can simply add it in your French braid. The better part is that you can wear it every day with your favorite clothing, or if the scarf has a delicate design and is made of silk, then it can be a part of your fancy outfits too. 

Shawl Scarf

It is the longest scarf you can ever own and one that provides the most coziness. It is rectangular and comes in different materials and many designs, but nothing can match the beauty of an elegant embroidered cashmere scarf shawl 

Shawls are a style of the Eastern side of the world. But because of the stylish and trendy look of the shawl and so many beautiful and intricate designs, it has become a favorite style of the west side. You can wrap it around your neck or your shoulder. Pair it with your favorite eastern clothing during festivities or with your favorite pair of Sweaters and pants for the ultimate fashion icon look.

Triangle Head Scarf

Triangle scarves are loved and worn by eastern people and favored by Easter European fashion icons. And it is the best when it comes to keeping your head covered and still getting your work done without a hassle. Triangle scarves come in two varieties, the scarf could be a triangle in shape, or you can make a triangle out of a square scarf. The next step is, tie the two ends together in a knot fashion under the chin. That will keep the scarf on your head without it falling off. One more way to tie this scarf is by wrapping it around your neck and then fastening a knot at the back. 


Since we believe strongly in creating a fusion of western and eastern styles using scarves, hijabs are another accessory that we can utilize. It is not that hard to style hijab with western clothes and make it look gorgeous. There are several types of hijab, but the most crucial thing to decide before styling is to choose an under hijab cap that would keep your hijab in place. Secondly, you can also choose a hijab accessory like a brooch, or a headband that would bring a more festive look to your hijab. Some hijab styles including Turkish, Emirati, and Moroccan styles go well with western outfits. 


This one is the most popular style as it is not only common among women but also men. Yes, you guessed it right. Wearing a handkerchief as a bandanna. It is a must-have look for summer, is super versatile, and can be worn in a ton of different ways. Not only can you tie it around your neck, but you can also wear it as a belt. Prepare your dress with a chic bandanna around your neck for the summer look. Even better, tie it around your hair to give off the ‘90s scarf trend when hitting the festive, or just hanging out with friends. 

Silk Scarves

Silk scarves have become the top fashion accessory of this year. You can see this trend all over social media including Instagram and TikTok. Silk scarves are popular because of the ways you can style them. However, they can be specially used as a top in the dead heat of the summer season. Alternatively, you can style it on top of your upper to create the eastern-western fusion style. You can wrap it around your sideways and tie it under your armpit. Alternatively, you can tie it over the chest with a half bow. An even better option is to wear it to one side with neutral separates to create a powerful dynamic effortless look.

Head Wraps

Lastly, you can simply style your scarf with the purpose they were created for: head wrap. Wearing the scarf as a head wrap. This style is especially convenient if you want to prevent your hair from falling into the eyes, or when you do not want the wind to get the best of your hair. You can style the headwrap when hanging out with friends, or going around the town for some sightseeing, and look smart. Also, the style is very convenient to try. Firstly, tie your hair in any style you want to. Secondly, put the scarf on your head. Make sure to balance both sides. After that, wrap the scarf around your neck. You can tie a bow or clip it using magnetic pins or safety clips. In addition, you can also wrap it on top of your head, instead of your neck. 

Ready To Try These New Scarves Styles?  

That is a wrap-up of all the scarf styles we have discussed in this article to create a fusion of western and eastern styles. You can pick and choose any style you wish to according to the occasion and slay the look with this fusion of western and eastern styles with scarves.

If you are looking for elegant, and stylish scarves, then look no further than Petals. Our beautiful range of embroidered cashmere scarves is what you need to go with every type and style of attire. 

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