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Top 6 Stylish Bracelets For Men and Occasions To Wear Them

Bracelets for men have become a popular article in men’s fashion nowadays. But when it comes to selecting a wristlet for an occasion, most men find themselves in the midst of a dilemma. Check out this guide to know about popular bracelets and occasions to wear them.

“Should I wear jewelry? Would that suit me? Will I look stylish and sophisticated, or like another modern bloke on the streets?

These are the questions most gentlemen ask themselves, pondering before wearing any article. And the answer is YES, you should.

Either women or men,  jewel accessories nowadays are essential for any look. They give an oomph to your outfit, and moreover, grab attention which we all want in some way.

But when it comes to choosing an article, most men fall into a dilemma. Questions like what and how they should choose accessories to match their masculine style well, keep them confused. Lockets are too fancy, rings are too mainstream, then what?

Bracelets are our answer. Relaxed, laid back, and playful;  bracelets are indeed the breed of jewelry that every man can wear without feeling overdone or out of place. 


Nowadays, there is a huge variety of  bracelets for men. From vintage to artsy, bohemian to elegant, there is a wide range of exotic bracelets for every style and occasion.

Here, we brought you a list of Top 6 amazing  bracelets for men and would guide you on what events or occasions they would suit the best. So let’s begin

  1.     Leather Bracelets:

Best for: Evening Parties, Casual dinners, Graduations  

Solid or braided, the cool leather bracelets are a classic style for ages. Due to their sleek and elegant look, they are one of the most popular bracelet styles today. 

Leather bracelets come in many different but neutral colors like black, brown, and white. It’s rough and bold texture gives a masculine appeal to your overall look.


stylish leather stainless steel bracelet for men on leather diary

Leather bracelets can be matched to nearly every event. It looks great with a pair of jeans & a blazer and would be a perfect accessory for cool evening parties or even for your convocations. Just pair it up with beaded bracelets or alone depending upon their size and rock the events like a star.

 However, Leather bracelets are not recommended for black tie events.

  1.     Chain Bracelets:

Best for: Casual lunch, friend’s get-to gather, first day at college/university, Semi-formal events

Chain bracelets are a massive hit for many years. Whether snake chain, Cuban or I.D bracelets, chain bracelets are versatile and can be matched with a variety of outfits and attires. Stainless steel chain bracelets come in various shapes and styles to fit your style perfectly.  Curb chain,  snake, and Cuban chain are some types of  chain bracelets  that are widely popular amongst men of all ages.

Like leather bracelets, they can be appropriate enough to wear on casual events like friend’s get-to-gathers, birthday parties, or bon fires. They can even work well on some formal events, as long as it’s something elegant and not tacky or gaudy.  

  1.     Broad/Sleek Cuff Bracelets:

Best for: Formal events, corporate meetings, weddings

This is probably the most exclusive style of bracelets for men and a kind that you are most likely to see teamed up with suits and ties. These cuff or bangle bracelets come in many different types and varieties but their overall effect is the same: a single solid bold statement on your wrist. Its nonchalant, and masculine look can give your style the pizazz you are looking for.

These metal or  stainless steel bracelets are an amazing choice when you want something with a little flash and swag. Simply team it up with a simple but elegant attire and let this trendy ensemble speak for itself every time it flashes beneath your cuff.

The best events to wear these bands are semi-formal events like office gatherings, weddings, or even official meetings, just make sure to keep it simple and without any gemstones. You may even pair it with a nice watch as well and it will grab all the attention in no time.

stainless steel bracelet for men
  1.     Beaded Bracelets:

Best for: friends’ gatherings, family functions, casual parties

Men  beaded bracelets  are extremely popular in the vogue, as they are not only good-looking but can also wear and pull off effortlessly. Much like leather bracelets, beaded bracelets are a great option to add to your casual wear list.

It’s recommended to go for rich browns, blacks, or other neutral colors for beaded bracelets that look incredible with a wide variety of outfits and attires. From wooden to lava stone beads, these trendy bracelets come in various types and shapes to suit your masculine style magnificently.

Beaded  bracelets for men are a cool option when you want to add a little color and contrast to your wrist. It can be a great accessory to wear on casual events like family functions, parties, or get-to-gather with old buddies. Wear them in stacks, alone or pair them with a watch and boast your inner cool spirit with a style.

  1.     Braided/Rope Bracelets: 

Best for: adventure trips, workouts, pool parties, shopping

Cool, laidback, and masculine; braided or rope bracelets are an amazing option to wear on occasions where you just want to chill and hang out but with a style. Some come with decorated wooden beads, or others come with plain braided rope, but in either style, they promise to be a hit every time.

The key to pulling off a rope or  braided bracelet perfectly is to ensure that you have a more mature version so that they don’t appear childish or crass. It’s recommended to go for darker colors as they are failsafe and work favorably as a staple to your casual wardrobe.

The best occasions to wear these bracelets are your workout sessions, any adventure trip, or any casual party where you just want to appear bold and nonchalant. You can try a plain version that can flash and swag on your wrist nicely, or can amp up the interest with a talisman or charm and add a further touch of individualism.


black yellow leather braided bracelet on laptop
  1.     Customized Bracelet/I.D Bracelets:

Best for: family get-to-gathers, convocations, parties

The concept of I.D bracelets is pretty old, yet nowadays it is as popular as anything. In 1950, the bent metal plates with heavy chains were used to identify the soldiers with their name or medical conditions, engraved on them.

While these traditions have fallen out of practice, the I.D bracelets remained in trend till today. 

Nowadays,  personalized bracelets online  with one’s name or a special message is a widely admired ensemble amongst men. These attractive bracelets come in various types and shapes, but the most classic ones are link bracelets with metal plates and chains. Another popular option is a leather band with stainless steel plates or metal rings, engraved with letters or names. These trendy wristlets work well at semi-formal events such as convocations, parties, or family get-to-gathers.


Final Thoughts:

Choosing the perfect bracelet for any occasion can be challenging, but if you find the perfect one to match your style the most then these small ensembles can totally change your appearance and make you feel like a fashionista.

Congratulations, with this guide you have mastered the popular bracelets styles. Now it’s the perfect time to check your expertise and get a brand new wrist accessory for an upcoming event. Check out Petals, one of the best personalized jewelry stores  in Saudi Arabia. 

Our wide and exciting range of men’s bracelets will turn you into a fashionista to rock any event like a star.  

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