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Why Does Silver Jewelry Turns Black ?


Whether it’s your Silver jewelry leaving black remains on your skin or an antique that’s leaving a greenish-black stain on the wiping cloth. It’s the silver metal oxidizing, leaving behind the metal oxide.  

You don’t need to give up your love for Silver only because it oxidizes. This article will talk about various reasons behind Silver turning black and possible remedies for this. However, if you still feel that you cannot waste any more time worrying about silver oxidization, then turn to stainless steel bracelets!

Overview of the Article

Silver turns black due to oxidation which is a reaction with sulfur, air, and/or hydrogen sulfide. This blog discusses the following points in detail which include how and why Silver turns black, and the possible remedies for that.


  1. Contact with Cosmetics
  2. Moisture and Humidity
  3. Contact with Sulphur compounds (Washing powders and liquids)
  4. Diet and Alcohol consumption
  5. Remedies for Blackened Silver



Why does Silver Oxidized?

Silver turns black when it comes into contact with Hydrogen Sulfide or Sulphur. Hydrogen Sulfide occurs in the air and upon reacting with silver, a black layer is formed.

The oxidation of silver happens faster in areas with high humidity and light. This means that your jewelry that stays inside the locker is safer than the one that you wear regularly. However, this does not make the jewelry in the locker immune to oxidation.

The other Silver material including souvenirs will oxidize as per their exposure to light, humidity, and the environment of the area.


When it comes to Silver jewelry, the diet of a person also affects the oxidation of silver. The type of food you eat, the amount of alcohol consumption, and your skin acidity influence the oxidation of your silver jewelry. Sweat includes Ammonia and it increases the acidity of the skin thus causing the silver to turn black faster.

Myths about Silver

There’s a common myth about Silver that if it turns black, it’s not silver, or the silver proportion is less. However, that’s not the case. It’s perfectly normal for Silver to turn black after some time of its use. Oxidation is normal for all metals and the metal oxide has different colors for every metal.


Remedial Measures for Silver Turning Black

There are different ways to deal with silver that’s turning black. The remedies are the same for all other silver materials that you have. First off, it is better to keep your silverware and jewelry away from damp places such as the bathroom and kitchen.

If you are planning to wear silvery jewelry for an event, wear it after you’ve put your makeup and perfume on. This will ensure that nothing gets sprayed on the silver which would lead to corrosion and a black layer.

Do not wear the jewelry in a swimming pool or on the beach. Seawater contains salt which will damage the silver by reacting with it. Moreover, keep your silver away from washing liquids and soap. They react with silver very fast leaving black stains all over.

Keep your silver jewelry in an enclosed bag and make sure it is kept in a dark and dry place.


How to Get Silver Jewelry Beautiful Again?

Silver cleaning products are widely used for rejuvenating your silver’s shine after it has gone black. You can buy silver cleaning products from any trusted brand in your area. 

Stainless Steel - An Alternative to Silver Jewelry 

Stainless steel bracelets are a great alternative to silver jewelry bracelets. Your love for silver is valid; therefore, switching to stainless steel bracelets is a safe option if you are someone who wears bracelets regularly. 

For ordering it online or buying from stores, you can visit to see a large variety of their stainless steel jewelry for everyday wear. 

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