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How To Set up A Ring Light tripod For Best Effects - 5 Cool Tips To Use

Ring Lights are a new craze for content creators. Learn these cool tips to know how to set up a ring light tripod to make amazing videos for TikTok and YouTube channels.

All set to make a new TikTok? Look, act, and content – everything is spot on. But what about that dull, dark background that is concealing all the effort you put on?

If you are an aspiring TikTokers or Vlogger, you can relate to how much poor lighting can cost your videos and channels. It could decrease your viewership and probably won’t earn you as much viewership as your amazing content deserves.

So what exactly do you need?

After that professionals look for your channel, all you need is to switch on to the Ring Light. The magic lies in its diffused lightning that provides uber-flattering and professional effects at an affordable cost.

But what Is a Ring Light, Anyway? 

The ring light is a circular LED light that fits around the camera’s lens or is large enough to shoot through it. It provides the required illumination with shadow effects and is commonly described as a Beauty or Selfie Light.

The main purpose of this light is to cast an even light onto the subject. It reduces shadows in the face and minimizes blemishes while illuminating the eyes. (Remember, those bright ‘rings’ in the eyes you saw in a famous TikTokers video?)  

The ring light is commonly used in glamor shots, portraits, or videography. Nowadays, no professional TikTokers or influencer makes content without using a stellar Ring light tripod.  

These ring lights come alone or with specific tripods that provide hands-free support, hold up to your phone, and help you make perfect videos without hassle every time. Almost every influencer and TikTokers is using ring light tripods nowadays, and honestly speaking – it gives true movie-like effects to your videos.

How to Set Up A Ring Light Tripod For Best Effects?

For new TikTokers and YouTubers, creating a perfect setup for videos could be a real head aching experience. How far should they put the tripod, where should they stand, and above all – how to SET UP a ring light tripodare some questions which keep many young influencers confused and muddled. 


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In this blog, we will be talking about the simple techniques that can take your video-making experience with a ring light tripod to a whole new level. So let’s begin.

  • Setting up Tripod
  • Before we begin, of course, the first thing we need is to set up our beloved equipment. The selfie ring light we are talking about comes up with a flexible tripod that is easy to fix. Place your tripod stand on a hard yet smooth surface to assure the steadiness of the equipment. 

    Unlock it and extend its neck. Next, attach your ring light to the flexible stand. You can do it by loosening the mini ball head and seating the mounting spigot onto the stud of the light. Make sure to tighten the locking knob until secure.

    UFO tripod with mobile
    Portable Live Stream Flexible Tripod With Ring Light - Shop Now

    Then safely attach your cold shoe extension/smartphone cradle. Attach your smartphone to the cradle and connect the ring light to a USB charger. Your ring light tripod is all set to use. Adjust the stand high or low according to your requirements.

  • Adjust the ‘Light Intensity’
  • All content creators, new or professional will relate – that it takes hours to adjust the proper lighting for the content. Too much light would make the videos look screamingly bright and harsh on the eyes. While too dull or dark videos would simply look bad regardless of how nice your content is!

    Remember, the higher the lumens – the stronger the light. For everything that involves colors, you need to be very accurate with your light intensity. You can fix this issue with your cool ring light for the phone. 

    Some ring lights come with a dimmer which offers different modes and dimmers. Now consider the temperature of the light, do you want to keep it warm, cool, or light? (The three basic modes). You can change the modes according to your needs easily with the handy controls attached to the cord.

    Pro Tip: Keep the ring light temperature too warm, and the background of your setup black for a more ‘dramatic’ effect. 

  • Fix the Distance of the Light
  • Trust us when we say that Distance makes the difference. It does. A too-close-up shot near the ring light would concurrently put you too close to the lens which could be a great thing for some videos but could also be a total disaster for the others.

    Try arranging your light to the distance considering your content needs. For example, If you want your videos to be very bright, crisp, and clear; then keep the ring light about 2 feet in front of you. You can play around with the settings and positions to get the desired results.

    ring light tripod

  • Play around the ring as a ‘prop’
  • Your selfie light doesn’t only need to be standing on the tripod. It can be used in various ways to create breathtaking effects. 

    For example, the subject can hold the light while keeping the background as dark as possible. The only source of light would be the ring that would create a magical glow around the subject and give your portrait a much-needed artistic touch.

    There are several ways to be creative with the ring light for different effects. You can wear it around your neck, hold it above your head or pass your hand across it to create a magical portal kind of effect.

  • One More ‘Ring’ May Be
  • Ok, I’m not a ring light maniac but for some videos, you might even want to add another light ring withstand into the mix. And no –It’s not crazy. 

    Adding another ring light tripod in some cases could be really beneficial. For suppose you have a light stand in your front, but the background is too vibrant and you are not standing out. 

    For this, you can use a two selfie ring light with a tripod stand and keep it on your left or back, whatever feels convenient. It will not only separate you from the background but also give some depth to your videos.

    Lights, Camera – Action:

    So your lights and camera are ready to create the best ever, professional looking video, which will surely collect likes and also increase your followers. Indeed, a ring light tripod is a great and easy option for creating studio lighting effects and is also user-friendly to use. 

    It could also be an ideal gift for aspiring photographers or YouTubers in your circle. Support their passion and give this thoughtful gift to make them go ‘wow’.

    If this blog made you wish for your own ring light with a tripod stand and phone holder, then it’s the perfect time for you to visit us. Petals brought you super-advanced, high-quality, and multi-tasking Ring Light Tripods, which would take your video-making experience to a whole next level and give you true studio-like effects. Check it out and be ready to become the next big influencer in town.