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How Digital Walkie Talkies For Kids Are Useful For Adults ?

Digital Walkie Talkies are a big-time attraction for young kids, but do you know that this cool gizmo can be really helpful for adults as well? Check how walkie-talkies for kids are useful for adults and can make their life super easy! 

Playtime for kids is precious and important. It makes them learn and explore many things that they couldn’t grasp in school or at home. These days’ smartphones are getting popular amongst kids. They spend hours on it considering it as a ‘play toy’ without knowing the potential hazards it comes with. Looking at a kid's sheer interest and its ability to keep kids engaged for hours, parents or guardians also doesn’t stop them from using it. Trust me, it’s dangerous.

We must know that children are frail and vulnerable in their early form of development, and smartphones can hamper the development of kids due to the health hazards they possess. Smartphones possess radiofrequency energy which can be absorbed by our body tissues. 

These hazardous rays can lead to distraction which can hinder the productivity of the brain and cause weakness and laziness. 

This is why most of the kids are becoming ‘couch potatoes’ and their ability to think and perform is also getting affected by the constant use of smartphones.

There are many other harmful effects of smartphones that make it a ‘no-no’ device for young kids. This is why the top-ratedwalkie talkies for kids are one of the best-selling products amongst kids and smart parents to avoid any health issues for their little ones.  

Why Are Walkie Talkies A Great Gadget For Kids?

By walkie-talkies, we don’t mean those old childish phones which emit gurgling sounds and play music. Here we are talking about the Digital high-functioned walkie talkies which are no less than any professional Walkie Talkies.

These walkie-talkies come built-in with the latest technology and lots of interesting functions that provide hours of fun, without exposing them to hazardous rays. (No more pretending to play with Baba’s phone when they have one of their own).

kid playing with walkie talkie

They can play Detective, Cop vs Thief, and many other interesting games outdoors with theselong-distance walkie-talkies that provide clear sounds, VOX function, and dozens of channels to tune. Oh, what a lovely amalgamation of innocent toys with the latest technology! This is why kids are going gaga after that, and they are becoming chart-toppers in toys.

But do you know that there are many interesting things that you can also do with these amazing gadgets? Yes, despite being the bestgame for 3-year oldto 12 years old kids, these super cool gizmos could be really helpful for the parents and adults as well.

Want to know how walkie talkies for kids are useful for adults? Let’s learn about the cool things you can do with these Walkie Talkies. Ssshhh, make sure your kids don’t find out about them.

So let’s begin.

How Walkie Talkies Can Be Useful For Adults?

  • Keep Check On Your Kids:
  • Nowadays, leaving kids alone is more like inviting trouble. Once you turn your eyes, a big disaster would be waiting for you. To avoid this, it’s necessary to keep an innocent check on their mischievous activities, without getting noticed. 

    With new digital walkie talkies, you can keep a check on them discreetly and with ease. Just keep yourkid walkie talkie on VOX function, and hide a receiver somewhere in the room. This would not only let you keep them safe, but also would let you know things about them that you probably don’t know yet.

  • Become a Human Alarm
  • Another super reason how walkie talkie for kids are useful for adults. We all have that one late riser in our homes, who couldn’t wake up on time; no matter how many alarms you set near them. These sleepy heads also keep their rooms locked so that no one may intrude into their personal space and disturb their peaceful slumber. Well, if your kids appear to have the walkie talkie, then there’s nothing you need to worry about anymore.

    Before bidding your sleepy-head good night, discreetly keep a receiver near them without letting them know and turn the voice-activated transmission on. The more close the better (the ideal place to keep it is beside their pillow). Every morning, when you become sure that no alarm works as usual, then try shouting on the2-way radio,and you will see them barging out of the room in a few minutes.

  • Monitor infants
  • One of the most serious concerns parents face is the safety of their new-born or toddler. Of course, no one can stay beside them all day, and also can’t leave them unattended. Mama keeps checking again and again just to see if the baby wakes up. Baby monitors are too costly to afford, and nannies aren’t very reliable. Then what one should do?

    digital walkie talkie for kids

    Good news, that yourkids’ walkie talkies could be helpful for you to monitor your infants. Keep the receiver anywhere near them; in the cradle or the swing and keep the VOX function on and you will hear whenever they wake up. With the clear and noise-free sound, you can hear even the low and murmured voices as well. One of the best ways how walkie talkies for kids are useful for adults.

  • Search Kids in The Mall/Playgrounds
  • It’s literally a nightmare for any parent to lose their young kids in crowded places. Mostly kids around 3-6 years old are nearly impossible to deal with in the mall or playgrounds. They just keep running around without listening to anyone. Well, we all know this is the age of utter curiosity. We cannot halt them from exploring things but can assure their safety with some smart moves. 

    Next time, before taking your kids to a crowded place, make sure to keep your set of digital walkie talkies along with you. It would not only let your kids have a fun-time with you but also protect them from being lost in malls or playgrounds. 

    Some walkie talkies also come with a belt clip that you can attach to their attires. This would make their hands free and let them play around without worrying about holding the receiver in their hands.

  • On Cruise Ships/Hiking
  • Going on a cruise with family for vacations? Great idea – but how are you going to keep connected with members? Well, cruise ships may sound like a strange place for using awalkie talkie, but they offer a convenient way to communicate with friends and family without spending extra bucks on an international phone plan.  

    With an appropriate range, walkie-talkies can be beneficial when stopping in a port town. Hand each to your family members and you can stay connected without using your cellphone ever.


    Similarly, when going on Hiking, waterproof and weather-resistant walkie-talkies are an excellent choice to enjoy hassle and tension-free outdoor trips.

  • Emergency Situations
  • Either indoors or outdoors, emergencies can occur anytime. You can have a sudden power failure, a bad weather condition, or anything similar where you couldn’t get the time or network signals to connect with your friends and family. 

    Walkie talkies for kidsare indeed an amazing gadget to use in an emergency. With GMRS connections and a long-ranging broadcast facility, it’s easy to contact anyone up to a 5-6 km range without having to connect with signals. With a built-in torchlight and long battery, you can tackle any dark and emergent situation easily.  

    So…Ready To Grab A Pair For Your Kids?

    In this world, where everything is getting confined to laptops and cellphones, the toys offering real, physical activities are the best gifts for young kids. 

    These 2-way radio walkie talkies are indeed an ideal present for your children to help them run the horses of their imagination and explore the world and things on their own. And now you know that not only your kids but you too can have a lot of fun and do cool things with this amazing gadget.

    walkie talkie for kids

    So are you ready to grab a pair of high-functioned, digital walkie talkies? Then all you need is to click on the link below to explore the collection of amazing and high-quality walkie talkies.Petalseu.combrought you a range of compact, high-tech, and affordable walkie-talkies that would not only be loved by your children, but you would also like to have a little playtime with them. Trust us on this.  

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