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Agreement to terms

The terms and conditions address the terms conditions between the user, “you” and PETALS addressed through “we, us, our”. The Terms and Conditions are a legal agreement between us and the user. Hence, by accessing the user is agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of this store.

Intellectual property rights is our property. Therefore, all source code, software, website design, and database are the properties of our website. These are our rights under the ownership and license agreement of

User representation

  • By using this website, you agree to all terms and conditions including the use of information provided.
  • All information that the user submits is true and correct.
  • The user will be required to register for this website thus it is the user’s responsibility to keep the password confidential.
  • As a user, you will be responsible for all use of your account and password.
  • You are not supposed to access the website via bot or script (non-human beings) under any circumstances.
  • The website should not be used for any unauthorized or illegal purposes.
  • You will not use this website to violate any governing laws.
  • If any of the above-provided information is inaccurate or any of the mentioned above points are violated, we will immediately suspend and terminate your account.
  • We reserve the right to remove or change a username that you select if we find it inappropriate.

Prohibited activities

The website shall not be used for any prohibited activities, illegal means, or violations. You are to be mindful of the following:

  • Unauthorized misuse of the store.
  • Advertising your services and goods.
  • Improper use of our support services.
  • Attempt to impersonate another user.
  • Copy or adapt to the website’s software.
  • Upload or transmit viruses.
  • Harass, annoy, threaten, or intimidate any of our employees engaged in providing any services for the store.
  • Hacking or trying to hack the website and system database.

If any of the prohibited activity is attempted by any user, it will be dealt according to the laws of UK.

Third-party providers

Third-party providers are automatically embedded in your browser. They collect data with regards to your searches and demographics once you agree to cookies. The data is used by businesses as analysis. As a part of the functionality of this website, third-party providers may provide us with demographic data. By granting us access to any third party account, you understand that:

  • We may access any data that you have provided to your third party account.
  • We may submit/ receive additional information from your third party account.
  • We will not be liable for the type of information you have provided.

Store management

Since the store is our property, we reserve the right to take appropriate legal action against anyone who violates the law or these terms & conditions. We also have the right to manage the website in a manner designed to protect our rights and property.

Governing law

The E-commerce law of UK requires proper regulation of all e-trader activities. This includes that we shall not use consumer data without the consumer’s consent. Data shall be protected regardless of any circumstances. Additionally, e-advertising will be clear and shall not mislead or present false statements. You will always find our advertisements to be true to our products.

The Law also requires the products to be returned within 14 days if not used. However, for more information, please have a look at our returns policy.

‘PETALS complies with all the governing laws in UK.


The terms and conditions is a legal agreement between the seller and the buyer. Therefore, any policies and conditions on this website constitute an agreement. By understanding this you also agree to:

  • We shall not be responsible or liable for any damage or failure to act caused by any cause beyond our reasonable control.
  • We will not be responsible for incorrect data provided by you.
  • We will not be liable for any product bought from resellers who claim to sell the brand.

Contact us

To resolve a complaint regarding the website or to receive any further information regarding its use, please contact us at:

Company name: Green Global Europe Limited

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